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We Recycle Hangers!

Did you know that wire hangers are very difficult to recycle? Some recycling centers don’t even accept wire hangers. WE DO! Here at Desert Discount Cleaners, we are proud to recycle your old hangers. Each and every one of our locations has a spot in the lobby for you to drop off hangers, and we appreciate each and every one of them!

Did you know that there are also many uses for old wire hangers? Here are just a few ideas:
• S’mores! Many of us have fond memories of roasting marshmallows over a fire pit using a wire hanger.
• Wire hangers are great for digging things out of drains at home.
• Vertically Challenged? Use a wire hanger to help you grab something from a tall shelf that may be just out of reach.
• Don’t like bugs? Wire hangers are great to chase critters out of your house without getting too close.
• Kids crafts! There are many crafts that can be made with old wire hangers.
• Wire hangers are fantastic for hanging clothes at your next garage sale.
• Hang scarves, ties and belts in your closet using wire hangers.
• Wire hangers are thin and therefore ideal to fit more clothes into a tight closet space.

Please remember, we strive to please our customers and recycling hangers is just one of the many services we offer.

Thank you for your business!
The Desert Discount Cleaners Family


The season is now in full swing and there are MANY fantastic events happing in and around the Coachella Valley! The days are warm and the sun is shining well into the evening hours. Visitors to the desert are enjoying concerts, art festivals, spectacular culinary gatherings, art extravaganzas, musical shows, charity events and much more. People are dressing up and showing up!

Please remember, we are here to help you with your dry cleaning, laundry, pressing and alteration needs. We clean all types of clothing including wedding dresses, ball gowns, tuxedos, casual clothes, golf outfits and business or cocktail attire. If we can’t clean it, no one can.


Thank you for your business.


The Desert Discount Cleaners Family


It’s Sweater Weather in the Coachella Valley

The Cold Weather Has Arrived in the Coachella Valley!

The cooler weather is finally upon us! Our winter in the desert provides us with chilly mornings, beautiful temperate days and cool evenings. It’s time to pull those coats and sweaters out of your closet and enjoy our cool weather while it lasts. We are experts at cleaning sweaters and jackets of all kinds. In fact, if we can’t clean it… no one can! With our 50+ years of combined management, spotting and dry cleaning experience we are equipped to work with all kinds of materials. We can clean wool, cashmere, St. John knit items, London Fog jackets, raincoats, ski jackets, ski suits, down jackets, comforters, thick blankets and throws. We can even clean your sleeping bags!

Have fur or leather? We can also help you get that cleaned.

Please don’t forget… we are your cold weather cleaning experts and we are here to serve you! We look forward to seeing you soon!