We have all had those days!  Accidents and clothing stains are common and here at Desert Discount Cleaners we work each and every day to remove those pesky stains out of our customer’s items.

Stains or spots such as wine, grass, food, beverages, grease and blood are common.  But, not all stains are the same!  Every spot or stain is different depending on the type of material or the age of the garment. Our spotting experts are very experienced and will evaluate your spot/stains and let you know if they are able to remove them.

SOME IMPORTANT TIPS:  We recommend that you do not try and remove your spot or stain yourself!  And, please don’t put your garment through the wash or try to remove the stain or spot with water or a moist cloth.  This can make it worse.  Additionally, please do not put a garment with a spot or stain through the dryer because that will set it in.  In fact, it’s easier for us to remove your spot or stain if you do not tamper with it at all.

If you are having a challenging day or if you have a messy job and get a spot or stain on your item, please leave it alone and bring it to us and we will do our very best to remove it for you.

Please inform our customer service agents at the front counter about your spots when you drop off your items.

We look forward to helping you.


The Desert Discount Cleaners Team




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