Sadly, it’s fire season here in California and this season is already off to very damaging start.  Our thoughts are with those who have lost their lives and their homes in these fires. Thank you to the many dedicated fire fighters, emergency and volunteer personnel who have helped during these events to keep our homes and communities as safe as possible.  These are emotional and traumatizing events!

If you have experienced a loss from a fire or have smoke or soot damage to your clothing or household items such as drapes, sheets and rugs, we can assist you in restoring them to their former glory!  For many years, we have helped people restore their investment in their wardrobe and household items after a damaging fire/smoke event. Our professional and state of the art dry cleaning equipment can remove smoke and soot from your items.   And, we have twenty-five years of experience dealing with smoke damaged items.

After a devastating fire event, it is important to get back to normal as soon as possible.  Please call us… we are here and waiting to serve you!  Do you have an entire closet of clothes that needs to be cleaned?  Let us pick up and drop off your items.  You can contact us for more information at: 760-773-5574.

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