As the desert heat takes over the Coachella Valley… it’s time to clean your winter jackets, sweaters and comforters!   We know, it sounds strange… but it is MUCH better to store clean clothes than dirty clothes.  In fact, here at Desert Discount Cleaners we strongly suggest you clean your winter clothes before you put them away for the summer season.

If a spot happens to be on a sweater or jacket… leaving it for months without cleaning will contribute to the spot setting in.   Also, odors can attract pesky moths!   Meticulous cleaning will remove odors and unwanted stains which will make your winter wardrobe ready for storage.

Many of our long-time customer’s clean blankets, bedspreads, winter clothes such as coats, sweaters and scarfs now for storage.  After you pick-up your cleaned and pressed items, we suggest you store them in a well ventilated cool and dry area until you are ready to take them out next season!

We hope to see you soon!

The Desert Discount Cleaners Team

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