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At Desert Discount Cleaners, we proudly serve our community and our customers using ‘state of the art’ Hydrocarbon Machines.


Are hydrocarbon solvents safe for the environment?

YES!  The hydrocarbon solvents used today are completely safe for the environment, as well as for dry cleaning staff and customers. Bacteria in the soil will naturally degrade the hydrocarbons.  All of our dry-cleaning waste is professionally discarded by a waste company that follows ALL California rules and regulations.

The same hydrocarbons that are sold today for use in dry cleaning are also sold in the personal care market. They are used in makeup, hand cleaners, lotions, and dozens of other cosmetic products. In addition, they are approved for use in direct food contact applications. They are synthetically manufactured products, which means that their high purity can be guaranteed. Their physical properties can also be carefully controlled, so they can be sold under tight specifications.

Why choose a dry cleaner that uses hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbon solvents have a clear advantage over perchlorethylenes when it comes to being safe for the environment, as well as for your personal health and the health of your family. By choosing a dry cleaner that uses hydrocarbon solvents, you are helping to reduce environmental pollution and are providing your family with clothes that are cleaned with a process that you can be certain will cause no health problems. In addition, your clothes do not suffer the damage wet cleaning can cause and will have a fresh clean scent rather than the unpleasant chemical smell of clothing cleaned with “Perc.”  Many of our competitors have switched to “wet cleaning” which was an option we never seriously considered.  We believe this is the not best option for the quality of the clothes.

Dry Cleaning History:

Dry Cleaners have received a lot of attention over the last decade about how safe the chemicals being used are for the environment, employees and clothing.  For several years, the type of solvent that was used is called Perchlorethylene?  At Desert Discount Cleaners, we adopted the alternative of Hydro-Carbon many, many years ago.  Although this is the most expensive choice, it keeps our environment safe without compromising the quality that we provide to our customers.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! We strive each and every day to offer our customers the highest quality cleaning for the lowest prices in the Coachella Valley. 

We hope to see you soon!

The Desert Discount Cleaners Team

“Where you pay LESS for the BEST!”


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